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Popular science articles, science tidbits on social networks, school interventions, and much more! On this page, you can discover the majority of our activities. For questions and curiosities, feel free to write us :)



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Mada Magazine

Mada Magazine collects comprehensive articles on various topics related to biology, medicine, pharmacology, and related fields, always with a focus on the relationship these disciplines have with society

As scientists, we are always mindful of the validity of sources, and we would like our articles to convey a specific message: it is not important (nor possible) to know everything about everything. What matters is developing the right tools to understand when you are dealing with a good or bad source


Social Media outreach

Do you know why the difference between a virus and bacteria is so important in everyday life? Have you ever wondered why yawns are contagious? If the answer is yes, then you'll love our science columns that you can find on our social media profiles: "Te lo Spiega Mada" (Mada Explains It), "Mada Focus," "SaiChe?" (Did You Know?) and so much more!


Mada Talks

Mada doesn't just engage in written communication, but literally puts a face to it! We interview video scientists, researchers, startup founders, and PhD candidates to provide a 360-degree view

Do you know any interesting individuals you'd like to see interviewed by Mada? Are you that person? What are you waiting for! Reach out to us via email


Outreach in schools

We organize virtual and in-person scientific-themed sessions for schools at every level. Over the years, we've had the opportunity to speak to students about the scientific method, how vaccines work, university paths with a focus on post-high school orientation, and much more. If you work in a school or are generally interested in interactive webinars or in-person sessions, write to us!


Women empowerment

We genuinely believe that there is still much work to be done to change the gender stereotypes that persist in our society. For this reason, through interventions in schools and at science festivals, we are committed to making our contribution to raise awareness on the issue. In this regard, on social media, we dedicate ourselves to spreading the stories of the most famous female scientists of our time and the past through the column "Women in Science"

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